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About Wax Idiotical
Wax Idiotical is a group of friends who like to make movies. That's about it. Sorry if that was a bit of a let down. We'll try to do better next time. Oh c'mon, don't give me that face. It's just a stupid "About Us" section! Ok fine. Be that way. I don't care! ...Look, I'm sorry, I had a rough day at work. How about we go out to dinner tonight? Yeah, it's on me. I love you too.

Any money donated will be used to produce Wax Idiotical Films and will get you a very special thanks in our next movie =) 


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Strange Motivation to Screen at Best Of!

"Strange Motivation" the final film in our Unofficial Hitman Trilogy has been chosen to screen at the 48 hour film project's Best of Boston screening this Thursday June 9th.  Tickets available now!


Strange Motivation - Boston 48hfp

Here's our entry for the 2010 Boston 48hfp.  Enjoy.



MAD COW Wins awards

"Mad Cow" Picked up the Audience Favorite Award and Best Writing at the 48 Go Green Boston.  We're very excited and want to thank everyone who helped make the movie so much fun to make.  Next up is the Boston 48 Hour Film Project.  See you all then!  


Mad Cow!

Thanks to everyone who came to the screening last night, it was a great success and now we can present you Mad Cow in internet format.  Hope you all enjoy!

Mad Cow from The2ndAct on Vimeo.


Wax Idiotical to compete in 48 Go Green

This coming weekend February 18-20, we'll be participating in the 48 Hour FIlm Project's latest... project.  The 48 Go Green is an event that challenges filmmakers to make a movie that draw attention to the environmental challenges the world faces, in 48 hours of course.  Stay tuned to or follow our Twitter or Facebook for updates/pictures/videos of the event!